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About us

Our company is providing   ...

  • Wireless LANS, for home and office environments and public areas such as airports, hotels, coffee shops and universities.
  • Innovative ways to utilise wireless technology for helping companies to work and communicate more efficiently. 
  • Increased mobility and the absence of cabling and other fixed infrastructure have proven to be beneficial for many users. We help you to increase your productivity when people have access to data in any location within the operating range of the WLAN.                                                                     
  • Helping companies with Mobility, Low Implantation Costs, Installation Speed and Simplicity.                                                           
  • Sales Wireless networking high quality products.
  • Developing Multimedia, Web Applications, Dynamic portals and sites.                                                                    
  • Developing Taylor made FileMaker database systems and Applications

 NIREX SYSTEMS | Postal Address: Fågelhundsvägen 68, SE-226 56 LUND, Sweden

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